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World’s first Cyborg Cockroach is now for sale

Having your own minions is now a reality. Except these minions aren’t cute or yellow. Instead, they have six legs, wings, antennae, and go “crunch” when you accidentally step on them.

You can now buy RoboRoach, the first cyborg to be commercially available to the public at $99.99. Developed by Backyard Brains, owners of this cyborg can attach an electronic backpack to a cockroach and then use their smartphones to overstimulate it. They can then control the insect to move left or right.

There is one problem though. According to Backyard Brans’ founders, Tim Marzullo and Greg Gage, the cockroach will, in time, learn to ignore the battery attached to their back. After this happens, Backyard Brains says that, “you can clip the wires and retire the cockroach to your breeder colony to spend the rest of its days making more cockroaches for you.”

Before I go out and buy myself one, I have one question. Does it have a flying cockroach mode?

Via Vice

Robot cockroach next to penny

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