Featured Image for American Civil War photos in full colour

American Civil War photos in full colour

Modern technology is not just used for taking photos of your dinner, shooting selfies, or looking at cat videos all day. Sometimes, technology can be used, well, productively. Like this beautiful makeover of old black-and-white photos from the Civil War era.

Colorist Jordan J. Lloyd of digital image restoration agency Dynamichrome, has breathed new life into these old photos and posted them on the Colorized History Subreddit, a message board where you can see restored black-and-white images. Many have done this before him, but it’s still certainly amazing to see in color the different scenes in our past.

Via Huffington Post

civil war solider sitting in front of tent: Black and White
civil war solider sitting in front of tent: color restoration
group of civil war soldiers near railroad
group of civil war soldiers: Black and White
civil war portrait restoration

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