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Daily lessons from history’s most creative people

A new book out by Mason Currey, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, details what we’ve wondered for years: how did the most creative people in history live? Did they have particular rituals in their daily lives to keep them on track in their quest for creativity? Apparently Benjamin Franklin was fond of morning ‘air baths’ (sitting around naked) and Beethoven even went as far as counting out the 60 coffee beans his cup o’ joe required each morning.

And while the book sees many different rituals from many different creatives, The Guardian points out that there’s still some emerging patterns: like being a morning person, not giving up your day job, taking long walks, sticking to a schedule, learning to work anywhere, and a somewhat controversial lesson: ‘practicing strategic substance abuse’.

Via The Guardian

Daily Routines quotes
Daily Routines quotes
Daily Routines quotes

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