by Mark Simpson in New Photography on Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Stereoscopic Light Portrait series combines a 3D photograph with long exposure light painting and the rapid animation between each eye’s view of the stereoscopic image. This gives a feeling of depth and movement in the one image and the light provides an interesting extra element which augments the photographic portrait. [see the LAEM photo gallery from our recent Sydney party]

One great side effect of combining these techniques and making it happen live at the recent Lost At E Minor party is that there was a sense of anticipation about the results which the light painter, the subject and the crowd shared and which was rewarded by seeing the projected animation on the wall right after the photo was taken. This all happened automagically using wonderful computer powers.

Also of note: this 3D wiggle technique was applied to our film clip for Battlestar, released by Harmonic 313 on Warp Records.