by Rachel Oakley in New Art on Saturday 12 October 2013

This cool sculpture is the result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Daniel Arsham. Arsham posed the question to Pharrell: ‘What was something you used at the beginning of your music career that was very important to you at a certain moment that you no longer have or use’. Pharrell’s answer, of course, was the keyboard, a Casio MT-500 to be exact.

Says Arsham: ‘I always try to create a scenario where audiences can question their own perception of the world. This is done through the manipulation of things that they already know. By taking an object that people are familiar with and altering its form and material I am able to collapse their concept of time and reality.’

Daniel Arsham also works with payphones, 35-mm movie cameras and microphones.

Via Fast Co. Design