Hotel helps you sleep all day with light therapy, sound pillows and more

Designed for hotel dwellers who need quality winks, the DeepSleep Package at Swissotel Berlin combines light therapy, power naps, aroma therapy, nutritious drinks and sound pillows to deliver just that. It’s a structured all-day-resting programme that starts in the morning with a wake-up call, followed by room service serving your wake-up drink, before you start your aroma therapy and light therapy (where you sit about 30-50 cm away from a lamp).

At noon, you get to do some intense power-napping in a lounge, and in the evening, you’ll breathe in some mountain-air to slow down your system. Finally, when you want to turn in for the night, you can down a calm-down drink and activate a special sound-pillow for the night. That’s really quite elaborate.

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