by Jake Sheridan in New Photography on Thursday 10 October 2013

The writings on the wall, and behind that frame, and under the sink and even in the fridge. David Bussell has been hiding messages in hotels since 2006 and what fun he’s been having. His crude drawings and surreal messages have no doubt been confusing residents and entertaining us alike. And I think we know who the real winners are there.

UPDATE: We interviewed David about his unorthodox art series, and here’s a peek at our conversation with him. [you can read the full interview here]

Do you have any particular themes you like to adhere to when leaving graffiti in hotels?
It’s changed over the years. Originally, the idea was just to write a series of messages that began “If you’re reading this it’s already too late…” But I quickly started running out of those and ended up going in different directions. I don’t know if there’s a unifying theme to the messages other than the fact I write them, so they reflect my brand of comedy. I guess odd and daft would sum things up.