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Dearblankpleaseblank lets you send anonymous messages across the Internet

If you’ve ever wanted to send a (frustrating) message to the world but wanted to stay completely anonymous, there’s a website for that. Dearblankpleaseblank.com is a site where people with voices go to get something – anything – off their chest. Built by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson, these two guys have perfected the art of online passive aggressiveness, with writers from all over the world voicing their concerns on creepy uncles to annoying in-laws and even peanut butter.

To get your own online message on the site, you’ll have to undergo a fairly rough approval process though—Jared’s cat Louie moderates all of the submissions.

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co founders to the website

About the author

Rachel Oakley is an Aussie writer based in NYC with an obsession for the creepy, cool and quirky side of life. Some of her main passions include philosophy, art, travel, and sarcasm.

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