Featured Image for Infographic pairs up introverts with their ideal jobs

Infographic pairs up introverts with their ideal jobs

Ever got stressed out by having too many people around you? Ever been afraid to go outside your house because there are human beings out there? Or have you ever preferred books over friends? If your answer is yes, yes, and yes, that makes you an introvert – or a very anti-social cat person.

For us introverts, nothing can be more stressful than working while a co-worker is endlessly yapping her mouth off. So the people at Best Masters Programs created an infographic that can help us find careers that are suitable to our personality type. According to them, introverts need jobs that: has us working alone most of the time, has minimal human interaction, has solitary workspaces, has headphones for privacy, and has few group projects and meetings.

Professions such as graphic designers, accountants, computer programmers, medical record technician, dental technician, and technical writers are jobs that would suit an introvert.

Via The Best Masters Programs

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