Featured Image for With Eau de Toast you can smell like, erm, warm bread every day

With Eau de Toast you can smell like, erm, warm bread every day

Bread lovers, rejoice! Before, you can only eat toast, but now, you can smell like one. Created by The Federation of Bakers, this limited edition scent aims to challenge the fashion for bread-free diets. What? A toast-free diet? That’s preposterous!

Though, personally, I have some reservations about this toast-perfume. Is it just toast without the butter? Or toast without some PB&J? I’d want to smell like toast with PB&J.

In the future, will it come with, like say, a bacon and eggs set of fragrances? Women dig men who smell like bacon and eggs. If I stay out in the sun too long, will I smell like burnt toast? Yes? No? Ok then.

Via Baker Federation

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