by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Friday 4 October 2013

It’s time to go to church, atheists! Kind of. If you haven’t heard of the Sunday Assembly phenomenon, it’s the newest “religion” to hit cities such as London, NYC and Melbourne, with a worldwide tour planned for countries including Ireland, Scotland and Canada. So what is it? It’s held just like a church service (on a Sunday, too!) with all the “spirit, engagement, and inspiration of a church” but without any of the religious aspects. Two comedians also created it—but it’s not a joke.

There’s no doctrine, no deity and you’ll never be told how to live. Services have at least one inspirational guest speaker and people who attend should expect to be “energized, vitalized, restored, repaired, refreshed and recharged.” There’s also sing-a-longs and game playing and pretty much everything else you’ve always wanted to do at church but weren’t allowed to–yes please!

Via The Daily Beast