by Mareike Muller in New Art on Friday 4 October 2013

When Victor Castillo was a little boy, he was totally fascinated by the animations and science fiction movies he saw on Chilean TV. This was when he began drawing, using this animated inspiration source to create his own two-dimensional fiction.

Many years later, when living in Barcelona, he enriched and perfected his signature style by adopting some aspects of the classical painting of the Spanish old masters, like Goya. Altogether, these different inspirations and his personal view on things are melting together in the artworks we see today: dark acrylic paintings that still exude a certain comic cheerfulness even though they’re soaked with slightly hidden messages about topics such as greed, the abuse of power, or indoctrination.

But even though his works tell an intense story, there´s still a second layer above the first that permits us to forget about the worrisome message and makes us enjoy the hollow-eyed children and creatures with their clown-nosed masks that smile so wonderfully evil.