Featured Image for A bookstore inside a cathedral? Oh, Amsterdam

A bookstore inside a cathedral? Oh, Amsterdam

Go inside the Broerenkerk, a famous Gothic cathedral in Zwolle, Amsterdam, and you will be in for a surprise. Alongside the cathedral’s elegant interiors, is a modern-day bookstore called Waanders In de Broeren.

Though one would think that to put in a bookstore, or any other establishment for that matter, inside a 15-th century cathedral would desecrate the place. But in fact, the design of the store was aligned with the church’s original architecture and interiors. Ultrecht-based BK Architecten even had renovations for the church in order to preserve its cultural heritage.

They put most of the bookstore onto the side aisle of the church. It is fenced in by a row of marble columns and shoppers can access the upper three floors of the bookstore via the aisle’s symmetrical center.

So I’m just wondering in the middle of all of this, do they have a copy of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code somewhere in there?

Via Fast Co.

bookstore in cathedral
bookstore in cathedral
bookstore in cathedral

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