Memoria: Minimalistic electronic music by Murcof

Murcof (aka Fernando Corona) had been around for some time in various electronic multimedia groups before emerging with his own debut album, Martes, in 2002. He’s signed to UK label Leaf, home of Four Tet, Susumu Yokota and Caribou, among others.

I was lucky enough to meet him in a town called Sligo on the West of Ireland many years ago and he was a very quiet, gentle and unassuming character, which reflects in his minimalistic, ambient, electronic music. He flirts with classical references, interspersing haunting violins and minimalistic bleeps and bits that weave their way through breathless landscapes.

About the author

Marcus is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Melbourne. He specialises in Photoshop Retouching and 3D Type. Discovering new music, technology, art and odd things makes him tick. In his spare time he works on independent projects including travel and portrait photography, album covers, music videos and writing Photoshop tutorials for international magazines. See his work here:

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