by Rachel Oakley in New Products on Thursday 26 September 2013

Forget about the supermarket-bought pine tree air freshener for the car — Mercedes-Benz has other plans. Starting with the brand new 2014 S-Class series, each vehicle will now come with an optional extra—an interior odor that creates an ‘automotive room scent.’

Marc vom Ende created four perfumes for Mercedes-Benz: Freeside Mood, Sports Mood, Nightlife Mood, and Downtown Mood, with Freeside Mood being the standard scent with the others available as samples.How does it work? A small container of the scent fits into a receptacle inside the car and wafts out as part of the climate control system.

And this little extra is going for $350—worth the extra bucks for hiding that sour smell in the backseat!

Via New Mercedes sedan comes scented