Featured Image for Queen’s Corgis are fed fillet steaks cooked by a Chef

Queen’s Corgis are fed fillet steaks cooked by a Chef

We’ve all got a pretty good idea of what royalty dines on (I’m picturing Soufflé Rothschild, Swan giblets and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off) but what about the Queen’s beloved corgis? Didn’t it ever cross your mind what brand of dog food her furry companions were treated to? It crossed my mind several times. And as it turns out, those royal pooches don’t just get any old store-bought dog food. They get fed fillet steaks cooked by a chef!

Pets by Royal Appointment is a new book written by royal biographer Brian Hoey that details the fascinating world of the royal pets and the perks they’re given for being owned by Her Majesty. Not only do they get fed top-grade meats cooked by chefs but these pets even have their own royal pet cemeteries at each royal residence. It’s a dog’s world!

Via Daily Mail

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