Build your wardrobe, Lego brick by brick

You thought stepping on a Lego brick can do some damage? Wait until you get a whiff of this season’s latest accessory, a £5,000 Chanel Lego Clutch. Now that’s some damage. If you’re not into bags, why not a pair of Lego sunglasses, or Lego heels, or perhaps a Lego bowtie? Though I’m pretty sure not everyone will be open to the idea of wearing a Lego suit to work everyday or wearing a pair of Lego socks. I am not open to the idea of wearing Lego underwear.

Via Would You Wear These Lego-Inspired Fashions?

lego fashion 1
lego fashion 2
lego fashion 3
lego fashion 4
lego fashion 5
lego fashion 6
lego fashion 7
lego fashion 8

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