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Leg doodles take classroom boredom to a whole new level

While most of us got in trouble whenever we were caught doodling in class, 19-year old Jody Steel got a job offer instead. Whenever boredom got the best of her, Jody would doodle amazing portraits on her leg as a way to pass the time. Some of these portraits include: Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Freddy Kreuger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daenerys Targaryen, Thom Yorke, and Aaron Johnson.

One day, her professor at Emerson College in Boston caught her doing her doodles. But instead of getting a reprimand, she got hired to illustrate a novel. Jody continues to create art using her legs as her canvas. Her art is starting to become a hit on the internet and will probably stay there for eternity as a reminder that drawing a cute, furry cat on your body part can get you out of detention.

Via Huffington Post

leg doodle 3
leg doodle 2
leg doodle 5
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