by Inigo del Castillo in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 17 September 2013

People in the Philippines are clamouring for change. Nope this isn’t about government policies, or human rights, or the global recession. This is about spaghetti. You see, in the Philippines, Jollibee is the king of fastfood. Filipinos patronize it so much that not even Mcdonald’s can match this local favourite.

One of the bestselling items on the menu is their Jollibee Spaghetti – pasta bathed in sweet tomato sauce topped with hotdogs and cheese. To personally describe it, it’s like pasta blessed with the smiles of a thousand babies, sprinkled with fairy dust that look like hotdogs, and finished with rays of sunshine that transformed into cheese bits. Though this brand of spaghetti has been a long-time favourite of many, a petition has been going around to initiate changes.

Dominique Banaag, the organizer of this petition, wants more sauce and hotdogs on her Jollibee Spaghetti. According to her: “because having more pasta and less sauce is just plain disappointing.” So far, 900 people have taken up this cause. With only 100 signatures left needed, we might just see more sauce and hotdogs on that amazing feast called Jollibee Spaghetti. Truly, a dish worth fighting for.