by Darwin Cosico in New Art on Tuesday 10 September 2013

New York is known for many things and one of them is a place where you’re most likely to see a celebrity doing ordinary things. It’s a known fact that Woody Allen can always be spotted at his weekly clarinet set at Café Carlyle – a tiny supper club inside the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue. So it’s not surprising that Tom Sanford’s latest work caught my attention.

Sanford’s latest work is a series of New York genre paintings, depicting scenes of extraordinary New Yorkers such as Woody Allen, Tina Fey, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg engaged in the motions and activities of an ordinary life.

Sanford is a New York-based artist whose work is exhibited around the world. If you’re in the city, his latest work, Café des Artistes, is currently being exhibited at the Kravets/Wehby Gallery until October 12.