by Chad Bennett in New Art on Thursday 5 September 2013

As Christchurch continues to rebuild itself, many of the buildings irreparably damaged in the city’s CBD will be demolished as new, innovative design projects emerge. In the interim, it has given some of the city’s street artists the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Christchurch has always been renowned as a cultural and creative hub, and this has only flourished since the earthquake. Some works have been commissioned by the Christchurch Art Gallery as an initiative to bring colour, vibrancy and life back into the city centre. Dick Frizzel’s ‘Contacts’ has been created on the back of the closed Centre of Contemporary Art building, and Kay Rosen’s ‘Here are the people and there is the steeple’ mural on the wall of the Christchurch Art Gallery itself.

Other pieces such at ‘El Tiempo’, a calligraffiti piece on a New Regent St building by local street artist Wongi that pays tribute to Christian Carazo Chandler, son of restaurateur Pedro Carazo, have simply sprung up on other buildings throughout the CBD.

The resilience of Christchurch and its people can often be seen through the work.