Featured Image for Stunning Inakadate Tanbo rice field art

Stunning Inakadate Tanbo rice field art

In 1993, the people of Inakadate, Japan faced a problem: 2,000 years of rice agriculture was not enough to generate revenue for the town. Devising plans to garner tourist attention, the locals embraced their agricultural past and developed a new art form: Tanbo (rice paddy) Art.

They now crafted immense, living art from dyed rice stalks each year, consistently adding more detail to the work. The art requires $35,000, on top of the labor from 1,200 community members, to create, though it has become a successful enough draw that new rice is planted and landscaped into the artwork every year.

Inakadate Tanbo rice field art
Inakadate Tanbo rice field art
Inakadate Tanbo rice field art

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