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Unleash retro heaven via The ’90s Button

Yes, the ’90s was so last, last decade, but to some, it is still the greatest era of all time. The world was rad and we revolved around Lisa Frank, stick-on earrings, Beverly Hills 90210, Trapper Keepers, and Tamagotchis. Desperate to experience the ’90s again? Just hit The ’90s Button, a David Hasselhoff-inspired website that will take you down the dopest memory lane. Listen to random ’90s music and acquire instant happiness. You can also share the song you got with your friends. Or you can donate a beer if you liked the whole thing.

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Erin a marveller of non-sequitur writing, cinematic films, and analogue photography. She writes for fun, money, and thrill. She has a soft spot for cats, tattooed men, and tattooed men who likes cats. Follow her on Twitter at @basterda.

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