Featured Image for TJ Guzzardi resurrects the lost art of hand-painted signage

TJ Guzzardi resurrects the lost art of hand-painted signage

With everything moving forward so fast technology-wise, it’s a wonder that people still do anything by hand. Fortunately for us, when the plotter came into use on an industrial scale, the art of hand-painted signage didn’t die out completely. There were those few who were too stubborn (or too pure, one could say) to go down the easy path of the vector and the screen, but chose instead to stay true to their craft.

With everything being digital and machine made these days, there has been a growing appreciation for the hand made. TJ Guzzardi epitomizes this culture, breathing new life into an art form that, from all appearances, had taken a backseat in the creative industry. The man IS a machine. He always seems to be working on something and his work just becomes more and more polished.

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