by Shannon Thompson in New Art on Monday 19 August 2013

He started to shoot surfing back in the early days, now Andrew Kaineder is a mixed media professional who focusses on fashion and documentary storytelling. Recently, Kaineder and his co-collaborators (and great mates) Tim and Pete jointly applied their skills to create 135 in Sydney last month.

The trio exhibitors used a printing technique call ‘Liquid Emulsion’, which involves painting the photographic emulsion onto a surface (in this case paper), with a paint brush before exposing the image. Hence, no two images can ever be the same.

This epic tale of mixed media produces unique brush strokes through the image and creates texture that pops from the artwork. There are no such things as imperfections and you can look at these pieces time and time again. Keep tabs on Kaineder as he takes off on a worldwide adventure, mentioning Iceland as his next motivation for exhibition pieces.