Unempire: arty socks out of Australia

Socks suck when they aren’t keeping your feet warm. They smell, they’re boring, and they’re forever getting new holes. That was until Australian company Unempire eradicated all the bad parts. Stylish and comfortable, these socks are the bees knees of the foot warming world.

One size fits all and the socks are durable. Also, the artwork is knitted into the socks, won’t fade and is totally original; featuring everything from sausages, cheese, and dippy eggs to hands, feet and eels. Yes, we agree, you need these on your feet.


About the author

Cormack is a young writer/photographer from Newcastle who shot his first music festival at age fifteen. When he’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find him stumbling around gigs in Sydney and Newcastle or soaking up culture and coffee in Melbourne.