Featured Image for Doesn’t That Sound Nice?: paintings by William Valle

Doesn’t That Sound Nice?: paintings by William Valle

In this collection of paintings, the themes of sex, drugs and debauchery are merely just subtle undertones to the classic noir genre, flipped on it’s head. The scenes aren’t as in your face as some of Jack Vettriano’s work, or as light-hearted as the large comic panels of Lichtenstein, but somewhere in between is a strong statement of today’s taboos, which is illustrated in wide strokes and harsh lighting juxtaposed with ironic titles.

Each piece is able create a contemporary feel in a nostalgic timely setting. It’s what separates his pieces from others in the noir genre.

Dropping off or picking up?
I have all new cheap moves.
Barbecue Rib Night at the Sizzler
I don't think you're crazy.

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