Featured Image for Botanical Cuisine: Raw, vegan delights in Melbourne

Botanical Cuisine: Raw, vegan delights in Melbourne

Something that I’ve been really looking into lately is eating raw and vegan. I mean, I could never do it full time (I like ALL food way too much), but I think incorporating more raw and vegan products into my diet is a good idea. Luckily, there’s an awesome Melbourne company called Botanical Cuisine which makes doing just that a little bit easier.

They offer a delicious range of breakfast foods, spices, deserts, ice creams, cheeses, sauces and pates – and yes they are all organic, raw and vegan. Even the jar labels are made from stone. This is environmental consciousness on a whole new level.

So, if you feel like trying out some cashew, agave and cacao that’s dressed up as chocolate ice cream, I suggest you start here.


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Cormack is a Melbourne based freelance writer and photographer. He loves to travel, drink red wine, and spin records. On the weekends you’ll most likely find him eating pork buns or shaking up cocktails for his friends.

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