This pen will vibrate when you make a spelling error

Finally, you can have spellcheck in your pen. Using a computer to write is great for ensuring an accurately-spelled document, but you’re on your own when it comes to handwriting. Until now, that is. Lernstift is the first pen to vibrate when you make a spelling error, and it’s connected to wi-fi to give you real-time feedback. Unlike other pens with similar claims, Lernstift doesn’t require special paper.

The ergonomic “smartpen” comes with two tips, one fountain tip and one ballpoint tip. Complete with games, learning statistics, and educational apps, this pen will essentially revolutionize the classroom learning experience.

About the author

Rebekah is a graphic design student living in South Carolina obsessed with all things design, technology, and J. Crew. When she’s not frantically working on projects for class, you can usually find her drinking large amounts of coffee with her laptop close beside.

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