Featured Image for Techtomeat: an art project by Clement Fey, Raul Posse, Dylan Howells

Techtomeat: an art project by Clement Fey, Raul Posse, Dylan Howells

Techtomeat, a geological exploration into the texture and form of flesh, is a collaboration between geologist Clement Fay, photographer Raul Posse and musician Dylan Howells. Part of the Incubator series, curated by Michelle Hall for Artspaced Inc. and funded by RADF in Townsvile QLD; Techtomeat works across existing boundries by blending the shape, texture, colour and form of geological phenomena with that of animal carcasses.

Realising Fay’s intention to take risks and transcend academic categories, the blending creates variations of familiar images which convince the viewer to look closely, work out what’s really going on, despite the confronting nature of the works.

Using the raw images Michelle Hall captured in Nepal, along with Raul Posse’s photographs from Colombia, Posse blended the photos to hide and reveal part of the images. The images are projected onto a pair of impermanent muslin screens, adding a slightly gritty texture to the already ghostly works.

Handing over the raw sounds of geological lab processing, Fay entrusts Howells with the task of making the viewer uncomfortable in more than one sensory experience. Howells creates a sound scape which blends the exploration of rocks with the preparation of meat in a perfect arrangement of grinding and sizzling played in a relentless loop.

Overcoming the paradox of art, these three practitioners succeeded in negotiating the transition between the intimate conceiving of ideas in their minds, to the shared collective experience in a truly exciting and refreshing way. Their collaboration has let something loose. What they have created might allow us all to find out things that surprise us.

Techtomeat is currently was on exhibition in at The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Studio, Sydney

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