Featured Image for Artist Robert Barta scatters 500,000 ball bearings for visitors to walk on

Artist Robert Barta scatters 500,000 ball bearings for visitors to walk on

What’s more fun than going to an art gallery to enjoy art? Being part of it! Prague-born artist Robert Barta is known for his very sophisticated artwork. His latest installation, Crossing Half A Million Stars, is the icing on the cake. Some 500,000 ball bearings are spread out in the Galerie Sherin Najjar in Berlin.

Visitors are invited to walk on the field of bearings, if they can. Slow movements and careful steps are the results, but Barta´s main idea was to force the visitors to focus differently on themselves and each other in terms of their actions and how they might effect the immediate environment.

Walking on ball berrings
Walking on ball berrings
Walking on ball berrings

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