United Plates of America: Interlocking porcelain trays of all 50 states

Ryan and Kaitlyn Lawless have re-created the 50 of the United States as interlocking porcelain trays for anyone to ‘bake, serve and style with pride’. Basically, they did this by cutting out prototypes on a CNC router for precision, which is then translated into plaster molds to create the cast for liquid ceramic to be poured into to create the porcelain plates.

The plates are then fired in an electric kiln, glazed and high-fired again before the undersides are sanded and smoothed. Wonder if we’d need a get a bigger dining table to hold all the states…

State plate of washington
State plate of California and Washington
State plates of Texas, Oregon, and Florida
Creating a state plate 3D model on a computer
Creating a state plate

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