by Low Lai Chow in New Events on Friday 12 July 2013

Reddit has a subreddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), where anyone can start a post to describe who they are, what they do, and answer questions posed by anyone next in the comment box. John Malkovich just went on AMA with a post titled ‘I am actor / director John Malkovich – AMA!’ to do one of these.

In response to a Redditor who asked ‘any encouraging words for a young man losing his hair?’, Malkovich said ‘well, young man, that’s a bummer. but it’s ok. michael jordan made it stylish. don’t worry, life goes on.’, and when someone else asked ‘Are your shift keys broken or do you just refuse to capitalize words out of principle?’, he went ‘WHAT?’. It’s an entertaining read we can’t get enough of, so it’s a good thing there are more than 5,500 comments to savor.