Featured Image for Plaque series by Australian street artist Scratch My Nose

Plaque series by Australian street artist Scratch My Nose

Australian street artist Scratch My Nose has lived in Santiago de Chile for three years. With his handicap of limited Spanish, coupled with the complexity of Chile, he has observed how consumer culture has taken the lead in society, a position traditionally held by the Catholic Church.

Both the text-based ornamental plaques and blackboard posters plastered on the streets of Santiago discuss this increasing juxtaposition of consumer based culture and its marriage to celebrity, which is ‘spun out’ of the manipulative world of corporate advertising and public relations offices.

Scratch My Nose’s posters and plaques are a part pitch, part analysis, part review; a love letter of sorts to Chile’s adoption of ‘other’ cultures where his irreverent humour marries the Catholic Church with The Beatles while Bilz and Pap (a soft drink whose two flavours are represented by cartoon characters Bilz and Pap) end up taking the Pepsi vs Coca Cola vs Pisco Cola taste test challenge.

Scratch My Nose
Scratch My Nose 2
Scratch My Nose 4

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