Featured Image for Amsterdam’s Pitch Festival 2013: electronic, witch-hop, experimental, music

Amsterdam’s Pitch Festival 2013: electronic, witch-hop, experimental, music

Groot-Mokum is famous for its beautiful canals, bicycle riding, art world, and, of course, other unmentionable things. It is not renowned for its electronic music as such, which is usually reserved for mega cities such as Berlin, London, New York or the shore lines of Croatia and Ibiza. Nonetheless, Amsterdam has been known to embrace the out of the norm with grace.

On the grounds of an old factory wasteland, at the beautifully converted Cultuurpark Westgasfabriek, is where Pitch Festival will present one of the best electronic line ups for 2013.

Between July 5-7, the unique lakeside location will stage an electronic, experimental, witch-hop and cross over music event for the third consecutive year, with featured acts including Bonobo, James Blake and Flume. This festival has grown in strength and crowd numbers, with bigger acts lined up, ready to scratch the turntable around the most refreshing of sound waves.

Pitch Festival

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