Museo De La Memoria: dedicated to Chileans killed during Pinochet period

For many people from outside the America’s, the only realistic depiction of life in Chile during the Pinochet period has come from the recent Academy Award nominated film, No. The film follows the advertising political campaign during the historic 1988 election when it was to be determined whether General Pinochet should have another 8 year term as President. It has been now a generation since Pinochet left public life (he also died in 2006) and Chile is still deeply affected.

As part of the healing process a museum space was opened in Santiago which is dedicated to the thousands of Chileans who were either murdered, tortured or “disappeared” during the 17-year dictatorship of Pinochet. It is housed in a beautiful, sleek, glass and copper-sheathed building in the heart of Santiago’s Quinta Normal area. It is beautifully displayed, with English translations readily available.

Museo De La Memoria 2
Museo De La Memoria 3