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Kim Jon il’s sushi chef knows all the weird secrets of North Korea

For the most part, North Korea is shrouded in complete mystery to the general public. We speculate about how many people actually live there, how many starved during the famine of the late 90s, how many nuclear weapons they have pointed at various areas of the world, and so forth. But vey few are privileged to any real knowledge about the country. And even fewer are willing to share that knowledge. But one brave sushi chef did the unthinkable.

After 11 years of fulfilling every culinary or drink related whim of Kim Jon Il, the head sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, escaped the North Korean borders and decided to spill the beans. With stories of flying around the world to find rare dinner ingredients, such as hippos, caviar, snakes, and spiders, plus other tall tales of opulence, his account is absolutely worth a read. Without his account, we wouldn’t even know the true age of the current leader Kim Jong-un. And in case you were wondering, he was born January 8, 1983. So go ahead, do the math.


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