Featured Image for Catherine Moore’s Arrested Development graphite portraits

Catherine Moore’s Arrested Development graphite portraits

The advice of ‘you should draw famous people’ led me to pursue a celebrity series of portraiture. With the fourth season of the TV show Arrested Development being released on Netflix last month, the choice seemed obvious to illustrate the members of the dysfunctional Bluth family.

Capturing a likeness is more than just correct facial feature placement, but finding a facial expression that speaks for each character’s personality was the primary challenge of this project. You’d be surprised how normal Will Arnett can look when he’s not playing Gob Bluth! The images have been featured on the official Arrested Development Facebook page, the Bluth Company blog, and Huff Post TV editor Chris Harnick’s blog.


About the author

Catherine A. Moore is an illustrator, designer, and art educator currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work spans from graphite portraiture to punderful greeting cards, combining watercolor and wordplay. Her website is available at www.catherineamoore.com.

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