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Furniture designed by skateboarders from skateboards

In 2008, Etnies footwear owner and former skateboarder Pierre Senizergues presented the Skate Study House, a line of furniture designed by Gil, also a skateboarder designer for Etnies. Composed of skateboard decks and wheels, and influenced by the most iconic furniture designs of the last century, Skate Study House furniture is unique and custom made.

They then created the Pas House in the summer of 2011, a architectural project mixing a modern single family home with a skateboard ramp structure, with the help of Los Angeles architect, Francois Perrin, and carpenter, Dante Cacace. Skate Cube, also designed by Gil Le Bob De Lapointe, is their latest project and its concept is an expression of adaptation, the need for skateboarders to transform their conventional living spaces or non-skate friendly environments to a world of new exciting possibilities.


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