Featured Image for Nina Weber’s sketches of sleepers from around the world

Nina Weber’s sketches of sleepers from around the world

If you’re ever taking a nap on the subway and get that funny feeling that you’re being watched, you may want to glance around and make sure illustrator Nina Weber, from Berlin, is not recording your snores and residual drool. Weber’s prolific sketches of her travels around the world are a mixture of buildings, people, maps, and moments, balancing detail, pattern, and colour. Weber captures transient moments, expressions, and characters, finding common threads between all people in our enjoyment of a good nap.


About the author

Catherine A. Moore is an illustrator, designer, and art educator currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work spans from graphite portraiture to punderful greeting cards, combining watercolor and wordplay. Her website is available at www.catherineamoore.com.

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