Featured Image for Prints of shapely legs wearing high heels by Alastair Floyd

Prints of shapely legs wearing high heels by Alastair Floyd

Alastair Floyd has started this series of prints with images of scantily clad and shapely legs wearing little else but high heels. Avoiding typical trite and banal eroticism, his very first image directs us immediately to that of a model who has slipped up on the catwalk, making it clear he is intent on taking a glib and somewhat irreverent view of hip consumerism. 

Closer inspection of the model (whom assumes a rather indecent posture) reveals what may have caused this accident; her shoes are depicted at as having dizzying high heels, and almost certainly break all the rules of useful footwear.

The viewer is treated to layers of luxurious colour hand printed in acrylic on paper, a medium which lends itself to bold and vibrant hues. His treatment of composition and careful use of colour harmonies shows he is also concerned with aesthetic value, at least as much as that of his subjects.

Alastair Floyd's prints of scantily clad legs
Alastair Floyd's prints of scantily clad legs

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