Featured Image for Incredible recycled art installations by Leo Fitzmaurice

Incredible recycled art installations by Leo Fitzmaurice

Leo Fitzmaurice recently won the UK’s Northern Art Prize for his always-witty art installations built painstakingly out of everyday crap. But he doesn’t just re-present crap as crap, in the way that a lot of artists in this field do. No, Fitzmaurice reconfigures his crap with intricate systems – you think you’re looking at and thinking about one thing, and then suddenly you realise you’re somewhere else entirely.

Whether it’s Bargain Brand packaging that becomes a curiously enticing modernist cityscape, or a set of flyers for a ballet that leaves you chuckling at the whole history of Op-Art, his work is an instant workout for the eye and the brain together.


About the author

Simon James is an artist based in London, England. You can see his work at Standard Designs.

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