Illegal art on legal Australian tender

You really can’t blame this artist for being anonymous; we aren’t fans of $5000 fines or two year holidays in jail either. Popping up on the Internet quite randomly, the blog Bunchof5s is an extremely humorous and insanely clever art project which sees the Australian $5 note get more than one ah face-lift. Yes, good old Queen Elizabeth II can now be found hanging out with her friends Dr. Zoidberg and The Queen of Hearts, as well as puffing on a cigarette and looking for brains. I wonder what the Queen herself would think of the blog?


About the author

Cormack is a young writer/photographer from Newcastle who shot his first music festival at age fifteen. When he’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find him stumbling around gigs in Sydney and Newcastle or soaking up culture and coffee in Melbourne.