In a parallel universe, Earth is a structural layered cake

Remember geography class, where you learnt about Earth’s interior and how it comprises four distinct concentric layers? When Melbourne-based baking enthusiast Rhiannon’s sister — who needed to teach this to a bunch of primary school kids in class — approached her with a brilliant idea to bake an actual cake of Earth that can be cut up to reveal its layered cross-section, she did just that. Just so you know, if Earth was a cake, the inner core is vanilla buttercake; the outer core, lemon Madeira sponge; the mantle, orange Madeira sponge; and the crust, chocolate buttercream and marshmallow fondant.

Earth cake (1)
Earth cake (2)
Earth cake (3)
Earth cake (4)
Earth cake (5)
Earth cake (6)
Earth cake (7)

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