Featured Image for Hendrick’s Gin event in Sydney with the Lost At E Minor team

Hendrick’s Gin event in Sydney with the Lost At E Minor team

The Lost At E Minor team love a good old G&T at the end of a busy week, so when Hendricks invited us out in Sydney to celebrate our beloved beverage of choice we jumped at the chance. Little did we know that we were off to a curious and unusual night to discover the 11 different botanicals that make up Hendrick’s Gin. And what more appropriate a venue to venture into the Botanical Unknown than Sydney’s beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens.

The night treated us to the weird and wacky: venturing down a garden path lit only by candle light, we were greeted by a theatrical affair with ladies swooning in bath tubs, a Flowering Punch bubbling with dry ice and served in a signature Hendrick’s tea cup (so rad) and 1920s props a plenty for some playful fun. For Hendrick’s lovers such as us, this night set us on a path to the peculiar unknown – just as we like it.

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