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Feeling under the weather? Now you can smell like the rain

A friend of mine recently came back from this year’s Maker Faire with a couple of bottles of handmade perfume oil from Blushie, a business based just outside of San Francisco. It’s not just any typical fragrance, but the scent of rain that follows a prolonged period of dry weather. There’s a name for it too: Petrichor. It’s apparently composed of ‘fresh ozone notes, clear blue water, rich earth and a hint of cedarwood and grass blades bending beneath the droplets.’

If you feel like an avalanche’s coming, there’s a Snowfall perfume that should be pretty apt; and if you are one of those who answers to Doctor Who, you’d probably dig The Oncoming Storm. There’s even the Fresh Cut Grass for those of us who are scowling away like Clint Eastwood and want people to get off your lawn.

Blushie (2)
Blushie (3)
Blushie (4)

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