Alone and surrounded with reason: a video by Brian Jerome

Television provides a lot of the American populous with filler in their day-to-day work lives. However, the entertainment TV is meant to provide has been in a stark decline. People now enjoy watching vicarious living: people failing, mundane jobs they do not work, spoiled disrespecting infants, and lackluster competition. The news in America now provides the same sadly shaped entertainment, with overly driven opinions and hypes attention getting tactics.

A growing sense of isolationism has been curtained by the unchecked capitalism of psycho-pharmisuedical companies to keep people sedated. It has gotten to be so bad that there is report of how bad the mental state is through the daily news of mass violence. This video is a response to this. All the information of reality is provided, but we blindly turn to it, not wanting to make our own decisions.

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