by Ben Urquhart in New Music on Tuesday 28 May 2013

Birds of Tokyo rolled through Sydney last week to showcase their new album March Flies at the Hi-Fi, and we were there to enjoy the Live@HTC performances, thanks to HTC.

Supporting Birds of Tokyo was by Asta, Triple J Unearthed’s winner of 2012, and she surprised the audience with her live performance. Her set was a mix of heart-felt acoustics and up-beat folk-pop picked up the crowd, with her sounds similar to that of Cat Power or Concrete Blonde.

With the short intermission before the headliners took to the stage, the set was vivid with electric blue and purple lighting. The crowd lapped up songs from March Flies, which mostly dominated the set list. The crowd jumped around to the new hits When the Night Falls Quiet and Lanterns, alongside the band’s older hits Plans and Wild at Heart.

The performance was visually spectacular with artistic images on the backdrop to suit each of the song, new and old.

The stage presence and dancing of lead singer Ian Kenny, and the remainder of the band, could be likened to that of drunk swaggering teenagers! The more the show goes on the more extreme the dance moves got – to cheers from the crowd.

Another dynamic and captivating performance by the guys from Birds of Tokyo.