Featured Image for Gerald Project brings together 105 artists to create 120 paper dogs

Gerald Project brings together 105 artists to create 120 paper dogs

More than 100 of the world’s most exciting and influential artists, illustrators and designers including Oliver Hibert, Tatiana Arocha, Insa, Stanley Chow, Kai and Sunny and Pete Fowler have taken a paper dog and made it their own as part of the two-year Gerald Project. Culminating in an exhibition currently at New York Design Week, the collaborative sculpture exchange is one of the most ambitious in the history of art and design.

Stood on four legs with his nose proudly pointed to the air, Gerald really is a dog like no other. Designed by British design house, Lazerian, the free standing model of a Bracco Italiano breed of gun dog made entirely of paper uses up to 88 individual components for each large format dog. His construction is a prime example great design giving strength and grace to the most unlikely and underappreciated of materials. Joining Lazerian to celebrate the completion of the project is James Cropper, the 170 year old British paper mill who will use their publishing experience to create a high quality, limited edition, large format hardback book featuring all 120 of the paper dogs alongside artist reflections on what the project and Gerald means to them.

paper dogs
paper dogs
paper dogs

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