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Portraits of celebrities by Carmine Bellucci

To do a portrait of a person is to dig deep into his or her soul, to understand what they do and why they do it, and then make it visible. When this person is a celebrity, the job is harder because they’ve already gone through many interpretations. Still, you have to find something new. Well, in a human you can always find something new, you just have to look and listen. These portraits depict famous people in a honest and personal way, reminiscencent of early photography and the Flemish painters.

Carmine Bellucci
Carmine Bellucci 2
Carmine Bellucci 3
Carmine Bellucci 4
Carmine Bellucci 5
Carmine Bellucci 6
Carmine Bellucci 7
Carmine Bellucci 8
Carmine Bellucci 9
Carmine Bellucci 10
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